Screen Saver
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1. Click on the movie icon and select "Install Screensaver".
Note: The "Install Screensaver" option will not be in the menu if it has already been installed.  


2. Click "Yes" to continue.    


3. Click "Yes" to proceed with the installation.


4. Click on the "Settings" button to add or remove images from the Screensaver rotation. The "Export Image" option within Holiday Lights Designer will automatically add images to the Screensaver rotation if desired. The user is prompted during the "Export Image". Select "Yes" to automatically add the image to the rotation.

5. Click on the "Add Image" button to manually add any image to the Screensaver rotation. Click on the "Clear Images" button to remove all images from the Screensaver rotation.
Click the "Done" button to close the settings window.  

Note: The "Image Count" shows the number of images currently in the Screensaver rotation.