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Mega Tree Creation
« on: November 18, 2009, 04:26:19 AM »
Hi Folks. As I posted earlier, creating my 16ch/3 color Mega tree was a PIA.

However, I did learn some thigs that may be helpful to you.    I now have a pretty responsive Mega tree setup.

First and foremost.   Since you can't rotate around the tree, and can only move forward backward side to side.

Yoiu need to make sure what your channel layout will be beforehand.   I mad the mistake of setting up channel 1 in the back,
but when replacing the tree in the yard, ch1 was in the back, and I couldn't selct the individual colors to set the channels.

Yep, you guessed over! >:(

However, all was not lost, learned some things very helpful.  Here are my tips to set up your mega tree.

1. Open a new project, set your scalle on the image.   Then click on the tree button to create a mega tree.

2. Again have an idea of what your chanenel layou=t will be. In my case the front strand of lights was channel 9.
So I started with that light strand. You want to pull the tree close to you for the setup. reason being, because you can't rotate around the tree, you rotate around the whole image
sometimes part of the tree get's obscured by your home image. This will help preclude that situation.

3.Now as you begin to layout your lights, go ahaead and layout your other layered strands as well, with the channels.
Example, since I used 3 colors. when I set my first color "Red" on Channel 9 controller 4, I woould then select ch.9 contrl 5 then 6 for my other 2 colors.
This makes it easier to set your channels for each color. I then make sure orbit tree is selected
and begin to rotate atround the tree. Next being Controller 4 Ch10,then ctrl5 ch.10 and so on.
Till completing your tree.

4. Finally once you have all your colors and channels set, save your mega tree as an object. It will retain all your settings from that project. Also, because that was the only object in the scene,
it doesn't slow to a crawl when drawing a complex tree. Goes fairly fast too.

5. Finally, in your project were the tree is needed, jsut click on the tree icon,
open the saved object folder, and select your recently completed mega tree.
Place were you want it to be. after placement, things may slow a little, but it least it didn't take hours to create a tree. :)

I'm sure when Michael releases the new update, this won't be necessary. But till then, for this season at leas6t. You'll have a prett good mega tree setup.

Good Luck. Hope this helps someone a little.


PS Scuse the typos. Typing fast, it's late. And this software keeps scrolling away from the line I'm typing blind mostly.