Author Topic: Don't see some of my images after following instructions.  (Read 9993 times)

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Don't see some of my images after following instructions.
« on: November 23, 2010, 03:08:02 PM »
Mr. Collins. I printed out and follwed your instructions to update to That went fine.

After following the instructions. restoring the import librarys, I still had none of my old images. After I took a look at the backup folder, I noticed an Images files folder as well.
Upon checking, it contained all my project images. I now have all my images except the house and yard stuff.   

Do I have to do a new project to get those back again?

Also, what has changed in this version.  Help file looks the same, so just trying to figure out any changes.  I did notice, it looks like you added more colors for net lights and icicles...Thank You for that addition.

Also, when loading my project, it seemed to load pretty quick.  Connected with latest version of LOR jusut fine...nice job.

If you can give us a heads up on the fixes/new stuff in the version; be happy to spread the word on the LOR site.

Happy Thanksgiving. Welcome Back

Welcome Back.