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New Feature Requests / Animated GIF
« on: February 21, 2009, 02:50:11 AM »
The ability to show animated GIFs in LOR mode would be fantastic.

Some of my wireframes are animated via a 2 or 3 point controller that runs in a loop when it has power. For example I have a snowman that puts his hat on and takes it off. Showing this movement would be nice.

-Brad Boyink

General Discussion / Re: Problem with HLD and LOR together.....
« on: February 11, 2009, 08:53:19 PM »
I understand what you are saying. Yes you can have LOR open and HLD at the same time. Here's what I do. First I use two monitors. I open LOR on one and HLD on the other. Next I open view 1 and minimize the HLD application window. Then I maximize the view 1. You tend to get better results doing this.

When I do playback in LOR I simply look at the other monitor to see my real-time animation.

If you don't have two monitors don't maximize LOR. Pull it a little over and place the view 1 next to LOR. Remember for best results only have view showing not the application window.

By using this method I have successfully mapped 768 channels from LOR to HLD and it displays them all in real-time.


New Feature Requests / Re: spiral rope light trees
« on: February 11, 2009, 08:42:42 PM »
I have some really nice PNGs of spiral trees. The even already have the transparency embedded. I have them in Red, Green, and Blue but I can make them any color. Just drop me an email at bboyink @ mac . com  (the spaces are to prevent bots form grabbing my email) and I will send them to you.


General Discussion / Using HLD on a Mac :)
« on: July 14, 2008, 04:49:10 PM »
If you are fellow Mac user and are using HLD in a virtual  machine I have some tips, tricks and workarounds for you.

First off lets start with what works and what doesn't.

Parallels 3.0:
HLD will run but will have some display issues. For example if you try to design a mega tree you can not see the lines. All you will get is a solid filled in tree similar to when it is highlighted.  Additionally, do not try to use the decoration wizard! It will crash if you have lots of objects. There are no workarounds for these issues with Parallels.  Both issues are a result of problems with DirectX. This is not a HLD bug.

VMware Fusion:
Runs a bit slower then Parallels but is very stable. Fusion is a better product if you are willing to give up a "little bit" of speed for stability. WIth that being said there are two versions 1.1.3 and 2.0 (beta). Here are are issues I came across.

1.1.3 does not support DirectX with shader objects (i.e. Mega Trees). Everything else works great.

2.0 (bata) does support DirectX 9 with shaders! To enable this mode go to settings > Display > Accelerated 3D graphics. Mega tree line will display with no problems. But Decoration Wizard does not do a screen capture correctly. It seams to ignore the object and captures the dialog box hidden behind the view window.

This is the only issue I have had. The workaround is to temporally  turn off the Accelerated 3D graphics capture what you need and turn it back on. Remember once you turn it off your Mega tress will not display correctly until you turn Accelerated 3D graphics back on.

I filed a case with VMware and they have acknowledge that it is an issues with the beta and should be fixed before final release.

Flawless! Absolutely no issues. In fact Bootcamp runs the application faster then any PC with the same specs.

All three methods have no issue with receiving communication from LOR II.

One last thing is make sure you give the VM 1GB to work with. 512MB works but you will get better performance from the 1GB.

Hope this helps.  ;D

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