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General Discussion / Merry Christmas Mr. Collins!
« on: December 24, 2014, 07:05:53 PM »
I don't know if you will even see this message Mr. Collins. In the event that you do, Merry Christmas to you and your family.

I hope you are in good health, HLD will be everything you want it to be.


General Discussion / New Update still progressing in developement?
« on: July 17, 2014, 04:27:31 AM »
Hi, on a previous post in 2013, you mentioned an update in early 2014.

Wanted to verify development continues on this IMHO great tool.


Mr. Collins. I printed out and follwed your instructions to update to That went fine.

After following the instructions. restoring the import librarys, I still had none of my old images. After I took a look at the backup folder, I noticed an Images files folder as well.
Upon checking, it contained all my project images. I now have all my images except the house and yard stuff.   

Do I have to do a new project to get those back again?

Also, what has changed in this version.  Help file looks the same, so just trying to figure out any changes.  I did notice, it looks like you added more colors for net lights and icicles...Thank You for that addition.

Also, when loading my project, it seemed to load pretty quick.  Connected with latest version of LOR jusut fine...nice job.

If you can give us a heads up on the fixes/new stuff in the version; be happy to spread the word on the LOR site.

Happy Thanksgiving. Welcome Back

Welcome Back.

New Feature Requests / new features request
« on: August 12, 2010, 12:56:15 PM »
1. Some updated documentation/support would be nice.  Or at least a change log from the May update?

2.If you have layered icicles etc...a way to select the entire section of lights to change color,delete etc.  The holding down control to mark is OK, if you just have one strand of lights; but if multiple layers; virtually impossible to just select the one color.
3. be able to create a more 3 dimensional house/yard layout see sides etc.
4. Support for Light Show Pro, CCR(Cosmic Color Ribbon);arches, and Firefly...also more colors to use the products to the fullest on the HLD visualizer.
5. multi layer editing in that you could layout all your color(s) at once. Example 4 color mega tree.  You would set up your first layer of say red lights, then a box would popp up asking if it was multi layered. If so, do you want to add more layers/colors. You would then select those colors, as well as, the channel/unit number they connected too.  Then a mega could be done in a matter of minutes. Same with mini trees etc.
6. ability to see a video playback in the HLD visualizer. Ability to draw a matrix too.
7. playback is better with update, still could be better. Perhaps look into Open GL as well as DirectX

Thanks for listening.   Regardless, I still love this product.   Thank You for your continued support.


General Discussion / Michael...timeframe on the updated patch?
« on: June 10, 2010, 09:14:07 PM »
Michael, based on your input; in order to achieve the enhancement of the update; it's necessary to redo your lights setup.

due to the fact the LOR inport is not working on the update, but fixed on the upcoming update. Do you have a timeframe for release?

Would love to have the updated documentation and the LOR import stuff as well.    If soon, do you mean in  a couple of months or days.

The clock is ticking, so if I have to go back and redo everything; renaming channels etc....would like to have an idea. If it's going to be really soon, I'll be more than happy to wait a few days.

Thanks for any info.


General Discussion / Re: Bug in new update?
« on: June 05, 2010, 06:07:04 AM »
Hi Michael. Glad to see that the forum is back up.

I haven't tried a mega tre as of yet. Waiting on the newer documentation.


General Discussion / Bug in new update?
« on: May 28, 2010, 03:22:58 PM »
Hi micheal. don't seem to be able to import my LOR channels sequnces with the new update.

Do you by chance have a listing of the new changes in the update, since the updated Help file is not available as of yet.


Tips and Tricks / Mega Tree Creation
« on: November 18, 2009, 04:26:19 AM »
Hi Folks. As I posted earlier, creating my 16ch/3 color Mega tree was a PIA.

However, I did learn some thigs that may be helpful to you.    I now have a pretty responsive Mega tree setup.

First and foremost.   Since you can't rotate around the tree, and can only move forward backward side to side.

Yoiu need to make sure what your channel layout will be beforehand.   I mad the mistake of setting up channel 1 in the back,
but when replacing the tree in the yard, ch1 was in the back, and I couldn't selct the individual colors to set the channels.

Yep, you guessed over! >:(

However, all was not lost, learned some things very helpful.  Here are my tips to set up your mega tree.

1. Open a new project, set your scalle on the image.   Then click on the tree button to create a mega tree.

2. Again have an idea of what your chanenel layou=t will be. In my case the front strand of lights was channel 9.
So I started with that light strand. You want to pull the tree close to you for the setup. reason being, because you can't rotate around the tree, you rotate around the whole image
sometimes part of the tree get's obscured by your home image. This will help preclude that situation.

3.Now as you begin to layout your lights, go ahaead and layout your other layered strands as well, with the channels.
Example, since I used 3 colors. when I set my first color "Red" on Channel 9 controller 4, I woould then select ch.9 contrl 5 then 6 for my other 2 colors.
This makes it easier to set your channels for each color. I then make sure orbit tree is selected
and begin to rotate atround the tree. Next being Controller 4 Ch10,then ctrl5 ch.10 and so on.
Till completing your tree.

4. Finally once you have all your colors and channels set, save your mega tree as an object. It will retain all your settings from that project. Also, because that was the only object in the scene,
it doesn't slow to a crawl when drawing a complex tree. Goes fairly fast too.

5. Finally, in your project were the tree is needed, jsut click on the tree icon,
open the saved object folder, and select your recently completed mega tree.
Place were you want it to be. after placement, things may slow a little, but it least it didn't take hours to create a tree. :)

I'm sure when Michael releases the new update, this won't be necessary. But till then, for this season at leas6t. You'll have a prett good mega tree setup.

Good Luck. Hope this helps someone a little.


PS Scuse the typos. Typing fast, it's late. And this software keeps scrolling away from the line I'm typing blind mostly.

General Discussion / Re: Memory recognition
« on: October 30, 2009, 02:19:26 PM »
  Hi Michael, check your Email.

 [/quote]Would you have time this weekend install the new version and test it for me to see if everythings installs and works for you?[/quote]

General Discussion / Re: Memory recognition
« on: October 30, 2009, 03:44:41 AM »
Hi Mike, been waiting for the new release. looks like it's gonna be a while.

So, question.  If I work on my new Christmas layout in version 4.x, will everything transfer Ok to the new version; when it's released.

I doing some mini tress and mega trees this year. The new version sounds great for this, but I'd hate to have to start fresh after working in the old version 4.

Thanks again for a great product.   My Halloween show turned out great, Thanks to HLD.  ;D


New Feature Requests / Re: Would like to see this enhancement someday.
« on: August 05, 2009, 06:09:30 PM »
Hi Mike. thank Yu for the info.   Also, Thank You for taking our ideas into consideation.

After jsut re-ordering my Channels on LOR and HLD......Here's hoping that you can discover a way to import our channel config into HLD from LOR

Save a lot of typing and re-ordering with in HLD. Just have to go back and re-edit the lights. All the hard stuff would be done.

Thanks again, for a great program.   Can't wait to see the update....hopefully soon...Halloween is close ya know.  ;D


General Discussion / Holiday Lights Mike....some questions.
« on: August 01, 2009, 06:28:15 PM »
Mike, I realize we are still quite a ways off from the HLD update.  Hopefully with the added new colors.

If I set up my Halloween tree lights now, using blue and orange, will it be easy with the new update to change all the blue lights to purple?

When you have several layers of lights, as I do. We need an easy way to jsut selct that set/color for the change.

Just wanted to clarify as well. There will be purple iciclee and net light colors to use on the update?

Thanks, Just trying to see how much editing I'll have to do when the new version gets released.

Thank You gain, for all your hard work Mike, and beta testers as well.


New Feature Requests / Would like to see this enhancement someday.
« on: July 23, 2009, 06:07:37 AM »
Hi MIcheal. A couple of things.

1. It would be really great if there was someway to import our channels directly into HLD.  Save  alot of time and work on the setup. 
Something like import of the Cahnnel property grid if possible.

2. The other wish list.  Someway of changing the already existing lights we have. I know about the right click stuff.
But here's an example.  Because we have no purple icicle lights at this time, I had to use blue to represent purple.
Since the orange/blue icicles are overlayed on each other; it get dificult to selct the color needed for change.
Would be great if we could open up a dialog box, that showed the colors assigned or something similiar. The we make our change in the chart/box;
which would then change the light colors on the project. Something similiar to the Channel grid thing in LOR is what I have envisioned.

Thanks for your valuable time, and a program that continues to grow and get better each and every release.

Look forward to the future updates.


General Discussion / Re: How do I make LOR control my HLD image?
« on: July 23, 2009, 05:51:48 AM »
Hi Dan, I had this problem once as well.  A couple of things to check. Also, I'll give you my step by step for setting things up.

1. I start LOR sequnce editor, and load my seq.   After double checking to ensure everything is correct on Channels in my seq.  I then go to Chanel property grid...then print that. I also play the seq. once in the LOR editor to see if it plays OK.

2.Under PLAY, verify Control Holiday Lights Designer is checked. Not Control Lights at this time.  Ok, you're pretty much set with the LOR seq. editor for now.

3. Next I change my screen resolution to 1024 X 768. I have found this helps with running HLD and LOR at the same time.  Most likely, when MIchael releases the update to HLD, this probably won't be necessary.  But you'll find scrolling and everything else is somewhat smoother at this resolution.

4. Start HLD. Now use your printout from the channel grid. Go through you're HLD programming of
 lights.  VERY IMPORTANT:  make sure you have assigned your lights to a CHANNEL not a CONTROLLER. I did this one night, only one area of lights blinked...till I figured out my mistake.

5. If you have all your channels matched up to your channel grid you printed, you should be able to click each channel on HLD, and see that section blink for you.  That will let you know you have your channels set up correctly. Also, the Channel grid printout will show if your channels are sssigned to LOR controllers. Very important for LOR/HLD to communicate.

6. In HLD, make sure you save your HLD file.  I use the same name as my LOR seq. to keep things in order.   Ok, if your lights are blinking with the channel click, you are all set in HLD.

7. I know close both HLD and LOR seq. Editor. Depending on your system, it doesn't hurt to reboot as well.

8. In 1024 x768 resolution, re-start LOR Seq. Editor. Load your appropriate sequence.  Then make sure you still have control HLD in the PLAY menu.  Your all set with LOR now....go
ahead and minimize the program.

9. Start HLD. Load your Project file you saved earlier. Now click click on the LOR bulb. A Connect window should then open for you.  Click the connect button. I use the default port 3738. It should show connected at the bottom of the screen, and the LOR light bulb should be flashing.

10. Now re open LOR seq. editor. Hit the Play button to start playing your seq.  Quickly switch back to HLD, if all is well you'll see all your lights etc. go blank as the seq. starts.
Then you should see your lights movin and groovin to your LOR seq.  ;D

I know it's a little involved, but it's actually quite quick when you get the hang of things.  Man does it look cool. My Halloween and Christmas shows looked just about the same on my house as did in HLD. I was pleased. Looking forward to update of colors, so I can hopefully show purple and orange icicles for the Halloween show.

I hope this my help you get things rolling.  Will try and help, if you need more assistance; as I'm sure others as well.

Good Luck. When it works correctly, you'll be pretty amazed to watch your shows. Not to mention, the invaluable tool you have to edit your seq. in real time as well.


PS forgive my spelling. A little tired as I write this stuff.

General Discussion / Mike, Things have been prett quiet.
« on: September 10, 2008, 04:15:22 PM »
Hi Mike, how goes it. Things have been quiet lately; good sign you have the bugs worked out?

Look forward to the future enhancements as well.   Just wanted to see if everything was going along smoothly.

Thanks again.


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